Virtual Office Manager

  • Administrative and Business / Office manager
  • Київ, місто Київ
  • €500 - €900 /місяць
  • Повна зайнятість
  • Hybrid
Job expired!

Five Jars is looking for a motivated entry-level Virtual Office Manager to support our dynamic team and executive leadership. This role is pivotal in ensuring smooth day-to-day operations by handling a wide range of administrative tasks for the company and providing personal assistance to the C-level management.

You are the right person for this position if you are a self-starter, able to manage your workload efficiently, and have excellent communication skills.

Who are we

Five Jars is a Full-service Design, Strategy, and Web Development digital agency that creates intuitive, data-driven web experiences. Over the past 6 years, we've delivered more than 100 projects for clients in a variety of industries, including health & fitness, media, arts & culture, and NGOs.

As a team of creative and talented experts, led by leaders with 15+ years of experience in technology, we love our projects, working together and doing everything to ensure the company’s and client’s growth.


  • Hard Skills:

    • Proficiency in office management software (e.g., MS Office, Google Workspace (docs, spreadsheets, calendar, etc))

    • Experience with online calendar systems, project management tools, and collaboration platforms.

    • Knowledge of travel booking platforms and research approaches

    • Basic understanding of event planning and coordination

    • Ability to work at least 4 hours in the US time zone. Ideally, working with a shift to the US timezone so that C-level managers can answer questions faster

    • Upper-Intermediate or Advanced English level, Ukrainian language conversational level

    • Nice to have a bachelor’s degree in business administration, communication, or a related field preferred

  • Soft Skills:

    • Exceptional organizational and time management skills

    • Strong communication and interpersonal abilities

    • Proven ability to manage multiple tasks and priorities effectively

    • High degree of initiative and ability to work independently and collaboratively

    • Problem-solving mindset with attention to detail

    • Proactivity: if something is not clear – do not be afraid to ask questions


  • C-Level Management Assistance (30%)

    • Communication for some documentation-related questions (for instance, communicate with the lawyer about the progress of preparing documents)

    • Setting tasks for contractors and monitoring deadlines

    • Help with calendar management, such as scheduling doctor appointments

    • Research related to different areas (for instance, research specific doctors or schools)

    • Book business-related meetings, choose and book restaurants, etc

  • People Operations (25%)

    • Benefits Administration: Overseeing the day-to-day administration of employee benefit programs;

    • Benefits Analysis and Benchmarking: Conducting regular benchmarking and analysis of employee benefits programs to evaluate competitiveness, cost-effectiveness, and employee satisfaction

    • Employee Assistance and Support: Serving as a resource for employees to address benefit-related questions, concerns, and issues. Providing personalized guidance, resolving disputes, and advocating for employee needs in collaboration with HR

    • National Holidays Management and Communication: updating the list of National Holidays for different countries (Policy and HRIS), communicating updates and reminders to the team

    • Education Programs Management: Providing all the required support such as communication with the speakers, expenses management, team announcements, learning materials posting, etc.

    • HR Projects Support & Participation

  • Travel Management (20%)

    • Travel Booking: Coordinating and booking transportation (flights, trains, rental cars) and accommodations (hotels, apartments) according to the traveler's preferences, budget, and company policies

    • Expense Management: Monitoring travel expenses and processing expense reports

    • Travel Policy Development: Developing and updating travel policies and procedures in response to changing business needs, industry trends, and regulatory requirements

    • Traveler Support: Providing assistance and support to travelers before, during, and after their trips, including travel advisories, visa assistance, travel insurance, and 24/7 emergency support

  • Event Management (15%)

    • Organizing Offline Events: Organizing in-person events for the team, starting from the concept to execution

    • Development and Execution of Online Activities: Proposing and organizing virtual activities and engagements with the team

    • Expense Management: managing the financial aspects of event planning and execution

  • Corporate Merch Management (10%)

    • Product Selection: Researching and selecting a range of products and branded merchandise that align with the company's brand identity, values, and people preferences

    • Vendors Management: Identifying and establishing relationships with vendors, negotiating contracts, pricing, and terms of service to ensure cost-effectiveness and timely delivery of merchandise

    • Design and Branding: Collaborating with the internal design team to create custom designs

    • Inventory Management: Managing and overseeing the storage of merchandise items

    • Order Fulfillment and Distribution: Managing the ordering process, coordinating with suppliers to process orders, arranging shipping or delivery, and tracking shipment status

    • Quality Control: Ensuring the quality of merch items

Additional details:

  • Description of the team to work with:

    • Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Operations Officer (COO)

    • HR Specialist

    • Potentially, a few more people from the team

  • What growth opportunities are there in this role:

    • Communication / Engagement Specialist

    • Travel / Event Specialist

    • L&D Specialist

    • HR Branding Specialist

  • Hiring Process:

    • Test Task

    • Screening Interview with a Recruiter

    • Qualification Interview

    • Focus Interview

    • Reference check

We propose

  • 100% remote work

  • Professional growth and regular performance reviews

  • Benefits such as vacation, sick leave, a day off during official national holidays

  • Flexible schedule and 7-hour working day

  • Happy Hour every Friday with team members

  • Help with learning new things (courses, books, etc.)

  • Support in participating in conferences

  • Warm and friendly working environment

  • Flexibility in making decisions, no micromanagement

  • Respect and support with all activities

  • Team building and other sorts of online/offline team activities